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newgrounds mobile changes

2017-10-07 23:08:48 by NeWaGe

Fixed all the new HTTPs URL changes on but I'm pulling the mobile apps from their marketplaces for now. I want to find a way to unify the code to make it easier to make updates and move forwards with new features.

Android App in store fix

2017-01-13 08:30:36 by NeWaGe

It's been pulled several times from the Google play store because of adult content... but I got it back up again.

Unofficial Newgrounds iOS App!

2016-11-10 21:53:59 by NeWaGe

Newgrounds Android App for Tablets and Phones!

2015-11-09 05:59:54 by NeWaGe

Released my first Windows Store app for Newgrounds!

XBMC/Kodi Plugin

2015-09-08 14:44:02 by NeWaGe

Here's a little program I decided to make to enjoy all the newgrounds Art, Movie and Audio portal content on your XBMC/Kodi setup!

If you go to the plugin settings you can login with your credentials to view adult content, and you can adjust any of the filters in there as well.

Newgrounds Mobile Games!

2015-08-18 06:15:52 by NeWaGe
Updated now has HTML5 games! Tested on Android devices and they work great!

If you are using your desktop computer there will be nothing special about this section, but if you're using a mobile device you will be zoomed in to match the exact size of the game to fit the screen perfectly.

Check out the games page and try some out now! is a mobile application for iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android Phones.

The Art, Video, Audio and BBS are all available there to use!

Everything is usable even the videos! Come check it out, and submit some videos!

Post Your Medals To Facebook!

2011-04-01 16:17:00 by NeWaGe

Now you can post all the medals you earn from Newgrounds onto your Facebook wall by using the Newgrounds Unofficial Facebook app!